Isabella Saglimbene | Pacco
Isabella Saglimbene | Pacco
Plastic, enamel
17.71” x 13.77” x 9”

The project was born to encourage adolescents suffering from scoliosis to wear the corset and not to abandon its use.
The use of the corset is often undesirable in the eyes of kids. Due to the pain, the judgment of their peers and the constraint to wear something rigid and foreign to their body, they often show a psychological discomfort which leads to abandonment or discontinuity of the treatment. All of this inevitably causes scoliosis to worsen.

To avoid this problem, the project includes a QR code which, once scanned by the patient, shows a card with a series of information about his/her scoliosis, such as:

• the type of corset he/she is wearing;
• the date of the end of therapy;
• personalized postural gymnastics exercises that help the patient to strengthen muscle tone, to assume a correct position even without the aid of the brace and to combat
back pain;
• a graph that marks improvements over time. The contents of the card will help the patient to develop greater awareness of his condition and to understand that the quality of life will be better at the end of the treatment. The worsening of scoliosis, in fact, leads to arthritic alterations, painful syndromes of the spine and cardio-respiratory insufficiency.

Furthermore, for the aesthetics of the project, the artist was inspired by the visual elements present in the shipping parcels, to underline that the use of the bust is not permanent, but temporary, just as the stationing of a parcel in a given location is temporary. ~Isabella Saglimbene