Josseline Melgar | YOU GOT THIS
Josseline Melgar | YOU GOT THIS
3d print PLA
1" x 6"

Meant to be gripped in the hand of patients suffering from trypanophobia (the extreme fear of needles) in order to redirect their focus and pain away from immunizations and blood tests.
A-delta nerve fibers transmit pain signals from tissue injuries to the brain; however, if a pain signal is traveling to the brain via A-delta fibers while a simultaneous physical stimulation is sent out via A-beta fibers (nerve fibers that transmit signals related to touch), then the A-beta signals will reach the brain first since these signals reach the brain faster than A-delta signals. According to the Gate Control Theory, the pain perception via A-delta fibers will be diminished as a result of interference by a secondary form of physical stimulation. ~Josseline Melgar