Sara Sanfilippo | SugarTOO
Sara Sanfilippo | SugarTOO
Hypoallergenic stick-on tattoo
4.9” x 3.9” | 1.7” x 5.3” | 1.1” X 3.2”

The project, consisting of a temporary tattoo for children lasting up to seven days, aims to help children deal with the change brought about by type 1 diabetes in their lives, or insulin therapy which would be the administration of injections containing insulin, the hormone that the pancreas of those with type 1 diabetes no longer produces or does not produce enough. A bit like the cartoon character depicted who changes his life because, when he gets too excited, he begins to transform into a giant red panda, the child must get used to managing the disease but above all the change of routine and habits in his life. The insulin injections that will be administered for the therapy throughout the day start from a minimum of 3 and must be carried out in different points of the area to ensure greater efficacy and avoid future insulin resistance. The tattoo has the aim of making the moment of the injection a moment of play, given that one of the things that children prefer to do on their body is precisely that of the
tattoo, lightening the weight of the injection, furthermore its partition into seven areas has the function of managing the weekly insulin rotation which ensures the effectiveness of the therapy. Obviously it is not an integral part of the therapy but it can be applied as long as the child needs it both as psychological support and to better understand how to administer insulin. ~Sara Sanfilippo