Victoria Mercado-Lues | Attach a Patch
Victoria Mercado-Lues | Attach a Patch
Mixed Media
4”x 9”x 5”

The Attach a Patch are interchangeable eyepatch covers for kids. Eyepatches are a commonly used treatment to eye problems
such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, and binocular diplopia. They may also be used after eye procedures like surgery to prevent infections or lower swelling. However, one of the biggest obstacles with eyepatches is getting children to wear them, especially the younger ones. The Attach a Patch covers are decorated with fun designs and can magnetically attach to the eyepatch base for a quick exchange of designs without removing the patch itself. Making them interchangeable means endless new designs at your fingertips. For older children, using an eyepatch might make them feel embarrassed or different for having to use one. So the Attach a Patch is a medical aid to lift their spirits and confidence with cute and fun designs. ~Victoria Mercado-Lues